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New at Nest & Burrow, beautiful Najo Jewellery…


… a young traveller named Jo Tory was soaking up everything this vibrant country had to offer. Touched by its natural beauty, Jo discovered there was something inescapable about the spirit of Mexico. Its rich culture, born from a mixture of ancient traditions and Spanish influences, exhaled a captivating energy, so beautifully expressed in the exotic fiestas, brightly painted wall-murals and gloriously rich textiles. And it was back then, in 1986, that Jo discovered there was nothing more stunning than the way Mexico plays out in its jewellery. Gifted with some of the finest silver reserves in the world, Mexico’s rich mosaic of life, culture, arts, fashion and history was reflected in the divine jewellery pieces that wove their way into Jo’s consciousness and altered her path forever.


…with those first powerful stirrings in Mexico. It was there that an idea grew and blossomed into the entrepreneurial and creative expressions that have become synonymous with the NAJO brand. Every design, every piece of jewellery has been informed by the brand’s essence, encapsulated in its enduring mission statement: Self Expression by Design.


Today, at NAJO, we are engaged in bringing a sense of joy to a growing band of individuals who use our jewellery to express themselves. But like the lives of the individuals who adorn themselves with our jewellery, we never stand still. Travelling through many continents – from vibrant India to exotic Africa, we gather inspiration and then combine our artisan silversmithing with the contemporary reflection of these cultures, bringing you two new unique collections every year. While every collection says something about who we are, it is how you interpret each piece in your life that truly inspires us. What you wear it with, what life-meaning you ascribe to it and how each piece makes you feel. Indeed, it may have started with Jo’s trip to Mexico 30 years ago, but what excites us most is that we are on a journey of endless possibilities – for you. Three decades on, NAJO continues to be wholly inspired by its followers who interpret pieces so differently and ascribe personal meaning to them in their distinctive ways. In celebration of its 30 years, the NAJO Anniversary Collection honours its wearers with timeless sculptural pieces that promise endless possibilities, forming a joyful part of their story for many years to come.

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