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So much Australian goodness!

Banksia Gifts are an Australian family owned business creating 100% Australian made gifts from Western Australian banksias.

Their scent pods are our most popular gift to send overseas to family abroad, with some eucalyptus oil in our gift packs, for a reminder of home.

They are great at home for bathrooms, wardrobes, cupboards, bedrooms or anywhere you like the scent of diffused oils.

The Banksia Grandis seed pod (the material from which they are made) is particularly porous. It soaks up any essential oil and slowly releases the aroma through its pores. No flames and no electricity are needed with these all natural diffusers!

Each Aroma Pod has a combination of rough edges (the outside of the seed pod), holes where the seeds once were and a red velvety fur. These attributes are a completely natural part of the seed pod. Each Aroma Pod has its own unique qualities and you will never find two the same.

100% Australian family owned & made. They make the perfect gift!

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