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Get your children off their phones, away from their tablets and computers and from in front of the t.v and get them thinking with some hands on fun and creativity with Meccano!

Meccano’s strong legacy as one of the oldest construction systems in the world began in 1898, when Frank Hornby invented it in England.

Across the Atlantic Ocean in 1913, a similar construction set called Erector was introduced in the United States. In 2000, these two innovative brands merged and began building together under one global brand name–Meccano.

More than 100 years later, Meccano’s original values and objective remain the same: to inspire builders around the world to bring their inventions to life. From basic structures to high-tech robotics programming, Meccano offers something for everyone.

At Meccano, our vision is to build a better tomorrow by empowering and inspiring the next generation of Makers. The Adventure Builds with Meccano!

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