Banksia Seed Pots


Banksia Seed Pots

Product Description

As beautiful as they are functional, these all natural, hand-made Banksia scent pots are crafted in Queensland from the iconic and uniquely Australian Western Australian Banksia seed pod.

Banksia is a particularly porous material and will soak up your essential oil and fragrance your room for weeks, and can be refilled to keep your space smelling beautiful.

The raw material (the Banksia Grandis seed pod) is collected under the strictest conditions by State Forestry licensed pickers. The Seed Pods can only be collected after they have shed all of their seeds and are collected by hand and on foot.  No vehicles or machinery can enter the forest and there are strict limits on quantities being picked in any one area.

Our manufacturing process is very simple using only hand held chisels and wood lathes.  The shavings that are produced during machining are collected and used by gardeners for potting mix, mulching etc.

The Eucalyptus Oil that we infuse our products with is distilled in traditional ways by third generation Australian farmers and is the oldest Eucalyptus distillery in the world.


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